Amusing passenger tales and wry observations from a Lyft rideshare driver

Welcome to Between the Lanes, a blog to chronicle and share some of the fun stories I pick up as I shuttle passengers around Phoenix, Arizona.

Why drive for Lyft? Why write about it? Hey, why not!

I am (was) a senior manager for a major company in Phoenix. Following a corporate restructuring, I decided to make good on a running joke that I was going to dump the corporate life and do something fun and random … like driving for Lyft. Well, turns out the dumping was done for me. But I wasn’t going to pass up the chance to give the rideshare thing a try while I look for my next gig.

Once I hit the road, the former journalist in me re-emerged, let out a primal scream and demanded I document the odd, cool and often inspiring stories of the people that jump into my back seat. And so … was born.

As Jack Webb used to say on the intro to the TV show Dragnet, “The stories you are about to hear are true. Names have been changed to protect the innocent.”

So hop in, buckle your seat belt and let’s see who we pick up — and what we learn — next.

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PS – If after reading, you’re inspired to give Lyft driving a try, make sure to use a driver referral bonus when you first fill out the application. Use code MIKE17396 and we will both enjoy a bonus for rides you give during your first month. (You don’t need to drive in Phoenix for the code to work.)